Cassper Nyovest Lies Again

Remember when Cassper Nyovest lied about having sold 10 Million records and Risa exposed him with the statement below? The rapper Cassper Nyovest lies again in an interview on Touch HD denying having acted violently towards Tusko D event though witnesses saw him push Tusko D, thereafter instructing his team to break Rawbust Productions camera and taking the memory card and formatting it.

Cassper Nyovest tweeted

RISA CEO, Nhlanhla Sibisi, clarified the statement he made on air during DJ Sabby’s show on youth radio station YFM, (allegedly on Metro FM) as well as on SABC 3 TV show, Trending SA.


You can watch the Trending SA clip below from the 16:53 mark:

Many misinterpreted the statement shown on Trending SA to mean that RISA was coming to Nyovest’s defense. However, Sibisi said that Nyovest is the only one who can clarify what he meant by the claim he made, which is highly evident in that statement. However when Tusko D asked for clarification the Muso became agry.

Sibisi did confirm however that to his knowledge, there has not yet been a South African artist who has surpassed 600,000 record sales. The last person to ever come this close was the late Brenda Fassie.

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The interview below shows what started the altercations.

DJ Maphorisa also came under a lot of fire for questioning the veracity of Nyovest’s claims, with many calling Maphorisa “bitter” and “jealous” for merely asking what Cassper meant by his post as the DJ is familiar with the industry and what is possible.

A lot of facts, figures and clarification have been thrown around since the initial announcement was made but there you have it ladies and gentlemen. There is no doubt about Cassper Nyovest’s success, influence, impact and reach but let’s call a spade a spade.

DJ Maphorisa tweeted:


Maphorisa continued in another tweet


For the record

You can read the detailed story here


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