Feeling a bit lacklustre in the bedroom recently? Your physical and mental wellness has a great impact on your sex life.

We gathered 20 tips that can help improve your sex life. What are you waiting for? Start 2018 off with a bang…

 Do your Kegel exercises

You might have heard about Kegel (pelvic floor muscle) exercises, but what’s the deal? Several factors, such as pregnancy and age, weaken these muscles over time. When kept strong, it doesn’t just lower your risk for incontinence, but it can also benefit your sex life tremendously.

 Don’t treat sex like a chore

While it’s often difficult to find the time between exhausting schedules, sex can become another thing on the to-do list if you treat it like a chore – and that can zap any spontaneity or passion from the deed.

According to study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, more sex between couples doesn’t necessarily equate more happiness. The reason? Doing it so much made it feel like a chore. Make time, but keep the spontaneity.

 Have foreplay

There is nothing wrong with spontaneous sex but women often take a bit longer to be aroused than men. And getting to the point of full arousal will ensure a greater sexual experience (and an orgasm) for both of you. So don’t dismiss foreplay – it stimulates the blood flow to the genitals, which makes for stronger orgasms and more fulfilling sex in general.

 Get tested for everything

This doesn’t only include STD’s but everything. Regular medical tests may rule out underlying conditions that may be causing your sex life to be unpleasant .Erectile dysfunction might be an indicator of cardiovascular problems and frequent painful sex can indicate gynaecological problems. Don’t skip out on those annual health checks.

Keep work and stress (and finances, pets and kids) out of the bedroom

Work and financial issues may put a damper on your libido, according to a previous article on Health24. Keep your sex drive up by keeping other factors out of the bedroom. Focus on only the two of you and do not talk about work issues or financial matters while you’re in the bedroom or initiating sex.

Just the two of you

Family obligations can often get in the way of couple time and a fulfilling sex life. Family conflict can also create strain in your own relationship. Make time for just the two of you regularly and understand that you need to be tuned in to each other’s needs first and foremost. Avoid bringing negativity caused by your parents or other family members into your relationship.

 Keep the spark alive

Go on date nights, take a leisurely drive while listening to your favourite music from the year you started dating, book a weekend trip away, whatever it takes to keep the magic alive.

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