Wits University is not accepting any more first year applications

Wits University has stated it is not going to accept a single application for 2018 as its places are full.

This announcement has come after the EFF called for potential applicants who now qualify for free education to go to universities to apply in person.

In a statement‚ Wits University said: “The closing date for undergraduate studies at the University was the 30 September 2017.

“The University has received 56‚901 applications for first year enrolments for the 2018 academic year and has place for 5‚664 first year students.”

It says it cannot have too many students as this will damage the quality of its programmes.

“Over enrolment has a significant impact on the academic integrity of the University’s academic programme. It stretches the University’s human resources capacity (affecting workloads of lecturers‚ teaching and administrative staff); and impacts on infrastructure as the University only has a defined number of teaching venues.”

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