Maths is my favorite subject

PHIKOLOMZI Mjikelwa, who was one of the top matrics in mathematics and science in 2017, said one of his biggest goals in life is to never stop studying.

Mjikelwa, 17, was the third best achiever in mathematics and science and the third best performer in quintile 3 schools.

The third child of two teachers, Mjikelwa said he loved challenging himself, believing he was the smartest of his siblings.

“I would like to believe I am the smartest of all of us,” he said with a smile after the announcement of the 2017 matric results in Johannesburg on Thursday.

Mjikelwa plans on studying actuarial science at the University of Cape Town this year.

“I really love mathematics so much… and the second reason is I really want to challenge myself,” he said.

“In five years time, I want to be a qualified actuary. But it doesn’t stop there. I want to study for the rest of my life,” he said.

Mjikelwa, who matriculated from St James Senior Secondary School in Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape, said the year was challenging for him after setting his goals.

“Academically, at the beginning of the year, when you start having those big dreams, you start giving yourself to the work. But then you realise there’s a lot of work and not enough time,” he said.

During preparations for his exams in his matric year, Mjikelwa said he would often work until midnight or later and be up around 04:00 or 05:00.

Despite this, he still found time to finally play football for his high school after years of playing volleyball.

Mjikelwa believes that anyone can achieve the same results he did if they changed their mindsets and worked hard enough.

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