AKA and Bonang split for real?

AKA and Bonang split might be real this time around. The rapper earlier on Friday morning tweeted that him and Bonang have decided to go their seperate ways.

Throughout the week, AKA has been tweeting some rather emotional tweets which were then followed by his announcement earlier on this morning.

haai ke
aka break up

This is not the first time AKA announced his breakup with Bonang.

In February the rapper made a similar announcement but it turned out to be a publicity stunt

aka b
aka b2

Maybe this time the break up is for real but then again maybe it’s not. Many have been waiting for this moment where they delete each other from social media, at the same time some feel it could be a stunt as well to make it look real as people have been doubting the break up and suggesting its a publicity stunt again.

His announcement was met with a bit of hostility and suspicion by some tweeps.



Bonang also had some rather emo tweets to share last night as well.


In the earlier hours, Bonang was going in on the tweets but later on deleted them. This is what made us think that AKA and Bonang split might be real this time.


bonang tweet
Bonang matheba

What’s your take, another publicity stunt or has the Supa Mega and Queen B officially called it quits for real this time?


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Bonang_M

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