Big deals Dj Black Coffee sealed

DJ Black Coffee has done the most in his career, creating a brand that has managed to become both a local and international treasure that saw him being named as one of the most richest entertainers in Africa by Forbes last year.


Here’s a countdown of some of Black Coffee’s milestones made both in 2017 and continued into 2018

1. Black Coffee started the year with a bang after announcing on social media that he had sealed residency in Las Vegas.

The DJ has both international and local club residency locked, this one just got announced this week.

Black Coffee

2. Black Coffee becoming the official owner of the Zone 6 venue in Soweto last year was yet another great milestone.

Black zone

3. Amongst many international collaborations, Black Coffee has featured some of the most sought-after award-winning artist by the likes of Drake and Alicia Keys, not forgetting that he has managed to rub shoulders with other big artists as well.

4. Earlier this year the DJ also revealed that he would be collaborating with an Italian shoe brand to create his own sneakers, are these levels or what?

5.  Let’s not forget the limited edition AXE deodorant collaboration as well.


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