What Happened to Ifani

What Happened to Ifani? Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina is a south African Hip-hop artist, MC and a television presenter.



  • I Believes in Me (1st Quadrant) 2013
  • I believes in Me (2nd Quadrant) 2015 April

2nd Quadrant reached Gold status in one day meaning it sold over 20 000 copies as per the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) albums configurations.


  • iFani was conferred the ‘2012 South African Hip-Hop Award’ in the category of ‘Best Freshman’
  • At the ‘20th Annual South African Music Awards’, iFani’s album, ‘I Believes in Me’ (1st Quadrant) bagged the ‘Best Rap Album’ award in the year, 2014
  • He was awarded the ‘Best Hip-Hop Artist’ at the Eastern Cape Music Awards, in 2015
  • Hype Magazine listed iFani as Number 1 on their ‘Top Unsigned Hype List’, in 2009
  • Club 808 chose iFani as their first Boxfresh artist, 2011


  • Presenter on the SABC 1 reality series Stumbo Stomp Amapanstsula.
  • He also hosted reality series Clash of the Choirs.
  • He was one of the three celebrities in the E.TV Reality Check series.
  • He hosted Mi Kasi Su Kasi

He has also appeared on  ‘Late Night News with Loyiso Gola’, ‘Jam Sandwich’, ‘Idols-Season 10’, ‘I Love South Africa – Season 1’, ‘The Man Cave- Season 3’, ‘Top Billing’, and ‘Zaziwa’

What Happened to iFani

2012 iFani signed with Sony Record Label and 2014 he on social media venting his unhappiness with his record label Sony.

“Leavin my record label is the ONLY solution. But since they know that will make me happy, they’ll fight it. | it’s as if they hate my smile!”

He even went as far a saying that he wishes he wasn’t successful

“When yo record label breaks your spirit! When they shut u down so many times that you lose the will to fight! I ask myself, why did I sign?”

“Of coz I can’t write my record label’s name coz they’ll do more harm to me than they already have. I wish I could give this success back!”

Obviously we don’t really know what happened behind the scenes that brought about his need to vent his feelings on social media and exactly what was the record label doing the cause his such dissatisfaction. He also tweeted this:

“All I can do ryt now is pray and hope for the best. My fingers are also crossed. I NEED to leave my record label ASAP b4 my creativity dies!”

This tweet would lead us to believe that he was perhaps instructed to tone down or change his style and he felt like he was losing his creativity. Perhaps

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He seemed to have mended things with Sony when he released this statement in 2016 around June:

“I remember how happy I was when I got signed. I remember how sad I was after I blew up. I was a lost child, kodwa. I’m glad I changed. I was mad trying to get them to change so I could be happy, Little did I know that it’s me who had to change before my world could change. I’ve learnt that blame only destroys the person blaming. Not the blamed. Until that person decides to change and embrace life. Forgiving yourself is the first step towards happiness. Then forgive others. Then learn that nobody can make you happy except you. I’ve learnt a lot in the past year. A lot about myself, about success, about happiness. I apologise for the person I was. Sincerely,”

He also announced that his third upcoming album will be out in in February 2017.

AKA on iFani album going Gold

AKA threw a lot of subtle shade at iFani album reaching Gold. AKA wrote this on social media

For the record: I think Ifani deserves that Gold Status for working the system. He saw an opportunity and took it. More power to him.

— AKA (@akaworldwide) May 12, 2015

Don’t get me wrong guys … I applaud IFani for getting Redds to take his album to Gold status. We could learn a lot from that move.

— AKA (@akaworldwide) May 12, 2015

When we FINALLY get that Gold plaque it’s going to feel good knowing that every single sale was made by a fan who felt the need to BUY it.

— AKA (@akaworldwide) May 12, 2015

Me reading these messages I get the impression that AKA was insinuating that REDDS bought 20 000 copies of the album for it to reach gold status in a day.


Beef with Cassper Nyovest

He also did call Cassper Nyovest’s song Tito Mboweni trash. He did later apologise for what he had said however social media didn’t really buy his sorry.

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