Priddy Ugly was ready to take a bullet for me’ – Bontle relives 2013 hijacking

TV personality Bontle Modiselle recounted the fear and pain she felt during a 2013 hijacking‚ where she and rapper Priddy Ugly were threatened at gunpoint.

Bontle’s wounds were opened after a video of a re-enactment of a hijacking meant to mock thugs started doing the rounds on social media this week.

Opening up about the night that she and Priddy were held by thugs‚ Bontle said she was grateful their lives were spared.

“Priddy was ready to take a bullet for me that night‚ literally. When driving off‚ one oak stopped and stepped out the car‚ aimed his gun at us‚ Priddy tucked my head into his chest and arms‚ had me fully covered‚ bargained with the oak not to shoot at me.”

The presenter remembered how the hijackers sped off with their car and crashed into someone’s yard a few blocks away.

Bontle went on to describe how scared she was when the four gentlemen approached her and her bbe and proceeded to beat him up.

She recalled how they beat him with a gun and touched her inappropriately.

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