What Happened to Seputla Sebogodi AKA Kenneth Mashaba Generations

Seputla Sebogodi is a South African. Now I was going to say he is from Selbourne, but there are also reports that he is from Limpopo. So before I get grilled, he is from South Africa. He is an actor and of course a gospel singer.


Some Background

A lot of us now know Seputla for his brilliant portrayal of Kenneth Mashaba on SABC1 soap drama Generations. A role he played from 2005 till 2014.

He are some of his other television roles.

Bophelo Ke Semphekgo

Urban Bliss

Mponeng season 2

iNkaba season 1

Heartlines season 1

Scandal! Season 1

Zabalaza season 1, season 2 and season 3

He has also appeared on the following television shows

Gospel Classics

I love South Africa

It’s for Life

Late Mate with Nimrod Nkosi



Hearts & Mind (1995)

Le complot d’Aristote (1996) Cameroonian film

The Place of Lions (1997)

Hijack Stories (2000)

The Long Run (2001)

Mr. Bones (2001)

Beat the Drum (2003)

Critical Assignment (2004)

Max and Mona (2004)


I found three of his albums.

Ke Ngwana Hao

Re Tshwarele Melato


So What Happened to Seputla Sebogodi

In 2014 he was one of the sixteen Generations actors who were fired from the drama series. Skimping over it a bit they were disputing their wages as well as working conditions and treatment. This is all understandable. So they got fired and replaced by Generations: The Legacy.

According to Drum article Seputla has had three failed marriages and two broken engagements. One of his ex-wives even hired a private investigator to tail him. Cheaters style.

Then Sunday Sun leaked a sms he sent to his ex-wife that reads “I do not want you anymore. Tell all your people to stop calling me. It’s over … finish en klaar.”

For those that don’t know three full stop means I really mean that.

Then there was his hijack drama. According to Channel24 article the police are disputing that he was hijacked in 2006 and insist that Septula’s car was stolen.

Now I am not a police officer. So the difference between stolen and hijack is irrelevant until they find the car. I am going to Tweet the police minister about this.

Around 2011 there were many stories about his health, theories around his weight loss were diabetes. Heck there is a report that he died. Yep, but luckily he lived through death.

Around March 2017 there were reports that a man from Pretoria had accused him of assaulting him after the man found Seputla in bed at his house.

Seputla denied that he attacked the man, but confirmed he was at the house sleeping in a guest bedroom.

This reminds me of a saying “only pick fights you know you can win.”

In April 2017 he performed at the Motswako’s Soulful Night and made an appearance at the Festival of running.

Seputla is definitely still around whether it is behind the camera or behind the microphone.

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