‘We are dating’- Major League’s Bandile confirms Nadia Nakai romance

After a long time of speculation in the media, it has finally been confirmation that rapper Nadia Nakai and Major League’s Bandile Mbere are dating.

The couple has been spotted on several occasions out together on the social scene.

Up until now, the two stars have been denying any romantic involvement, only saying they are just friends.

 In fact, in the same interview that Bandile confirmed the relationship, he first denied dating Nadia.

“”We are just friends, close friends. That is all we are. The truth is we are just friends, we might…we’re just very close friends,” Bandile said to TshisaLive.

However, moments later the DJ changed and confirmed the rumours.

“”We are dating. We have been dating for nearly a year now. We wanted to just clear all the speculation,” he said.

He further went on to claim that this union of theirs is not a publicity stunt and that they “fell for each other” after working together.

“”We were just so close from always working together. She is just such an amazing person to be around. She is down-to-earth. She brings out the best in me,” Bandile told the publication.

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