What Happened to Mzekezeke

Mzekezeke is a radio personality and kwaito artist. A lot of you might know him as DJ. I mean you might know him by his trademark mask and orange overall.

Some Background

Naturally it is very difficult to give you background on the kwaito legend Mzekezeke as he has not been unmasked or publically announced who is under the mask.

So what I can tell you is that Mzekezeke started off around 2002 on YFM radio station. He would call famous celebrities. Harass them live on radio, it was more like prank calls.

He gained major popularity with his broken-English and his general sense of humour.

He would sign to TS Records which Sibusiso Leope (who is known as DJ Sbu) is a co-founder.

I found 3 albums of Mzekezeke.

  • S’guqa Ngamadolo (2003)
  • Izinyoka (2004)
  • Ama B.E.E (2006)

Mzekezeke won Artist of The Year and Song of The Year at the South African Music Awards in 2003.

Mzekezeke was also the Ekurhuleni ambassador for the 2010 World Cup.

Mzekezeke partnered with Vodacom to start his own BlueLabel Vodacom starter pack. He took his venture into the mobile industry one step further as he partnered with AG Cellular and launched his own cellphone.

So What Happened to Mzekezeke


To answer that question also poses some difficulties. From the face of it, it seems like Mzekezeke just decided to step out of the limelight.

He was popular, he had huge album sales. He had a huge following, but he just disappeared.

So what I am going to do is speculate. Please note that this is in no way the definitive answer.

I read on a News24 article that Mzekezeke was defying death threats. It was probably less death threats but more people trying to unmask Mzekezeke.

As I have mentioned before his identity under the mask has not be revealed as of this video.

The article does also mention that in banks he had to take the mask off and with his identity meant to a secret, I can see how having to unmask at banks presents a problem. I doubt bankers have an Identity non-disclosure agreement.

He also wasn’t allowed to fly with the mask. I mean after all a terrorist could just dress up as Mzezekeke and blow up a plane. Perhaps his logistics were not as accommodating to his secret identity as well.

What I gather from this is that being Mzekezeke could have been difficult to do. After all airport securities are getting tighter. Bank securities are getting tighter.

I would like to speculate one more time.

You want to know what happened to Mzekezeke.

He became fulltime DJ Sbu. That’s what most think anyways.

In 2015 Mzekezeke came out of retirement as it were and performed for the first time in years at Shimmy Beach Stay fresh Cape Town. He also released a single titled Umlilo.

Since then he has been getting performing gigs such as at Carnival Gardens, Strongbow event in Pretoria and Major League Gardens Social festival.

There were reports that Mzekezeke was beaten up by the security at an event. It alleged that his mask even came off. Oh and that one of his takkies changed colour. Never mind he actually came wearing different coloured takkies.

We have been going down kwaito memory lane. Those were the days when kwaito was kwaito.

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