What Happened to Pitch Black Afro


What Happened to Pitch Black Afro. Thulani Ngcobo is a hip hop musician from Orlando in Soweto. He is best known by his stage name Pitch Black Afro.

Some Background

Pitch Black Afro grew up with a stutter. He started rapping as a way to express himself and to deal with his stuttering. This gave him his own unique style even though it did make him hard to understand at times.

He moved to Johannesburg in 1995 and spent years refining his rapping skills. He won MC of the week on YFM Rap Activity Jams. DJ Cleo was so impressed by Pitch Black Afro that he approached him to sign as his first artist in his record label Will of Steel Productions.

In 2004 his debut album Styling Gel was released selling over 50,000 copies in South Africa and became the bestselling African Hip Hop album. Cassper Nyovest would dethrone Pitch Black 10 years later with his debut album Tsholofelo in 2014.

Other Albums include:

Split Endz (2006)

Zonke Bonke (2009)

Int’Emnandi (2014)

So what happened to Pitch Black Afro

Let’s start in 2006 with a Rosebank Mall incident where he reportedly assaulted a fan who was asking him about when his second album was going to be released.

The mall sent a claim of up to R10,000 for malicious damage to property.

Staying in the year 2006 Pitch Black Afro reportedly signed to a rival music stable even though he was still contracted to Ghetto Ruff for another album.

Second album flop. His 2006 album Split Endz didn’t do as well as his debut album. Which to be honest isn’t all that surprising as his first album was a something refreshingly new. Second time around we kind of knew what to expect. Also critics were not kind to his album. Many saying that those split ends just need to be trimmed.

In 2011 reports are that he was attached outside a club in Rosebank and he sustained serious injury to his leg that resulted in him wearing a cast.

Performing gigs dried up because he could perform as his leg would swell badly if he tried to stand. Without the money from gigs his expensive lifestyle started catching up to him.

He also had bad investments. He ended up losing his house in the suburbs, his expensive cars, his expensive clothes and his Afro.

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