Pearl Thusi questions EFF’s protest at H&M stores

Some are for and some are againsts EFF’s Protest at H&M the past weekend and Pearl Thusi is one of those against.

On Saturday some of the H&M stores in Gauteng were attached and closed by the EFF red ants. This was due to a controversial advert which was posted on their website with a black child wearing a sweatshirt with the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle”.

The entire world had already condemned the H&M ad with various artists such as snoop dog recreating the ad with positive artworks that represented the child in a much more positive light, locally the likes of Kwesta and Oskido spoke out against the racist ad.

While the world fought H&M with words, the EFF decided to vandalize the H&M stores with Sandton City and Menlyn being some of them.

There has been a constant debate among South Africans whether the vandalism of these stores would create any form of solution to the problem of racism.

Whilst some citizens supported EFF’s act against H&M….other South Africans criticized the political parties reaction.

Pearl Thusi, asked an open-ended question in response to EFF’s national spokesperson – Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s unapologetic tweet about the matter. A clear indication that she was less than impressed with the political party’s actions over the weekend.

Pearl's tweets

What are your thoughts on EFF’s protests against H&M?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PearlThusi

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