What Happened To Asanda Foji

What happened to Asanda Foji. The beautiful and super sexy actress played the role of Simphiwe  Moroka on Generations the legacy.

Some Background

Asanda Foji grew up in the Eastern Cape and did an acting diploma in Cape town. After completing her diploma she moved to Johannesburg, the city on gold in search of greener postures.

Movies Stinkers

In 2008 she stared in a short film titled “Walk Like a Man”, which was not a success. After the failed movie she did some theater work on plays like “one night stand” and “Its a rap”.

She made an appearance on Scandal in 2011.

She was then on Generations but her contract would not be renewed  for her to continue in the role of Simphiwe. Rumors has it that producers of Generations were not impressed with her acting, she later broke the silence and acknowledge that her acting was not  impressive because of being on such a big soapie. To no surprise she has not made any other television appearance since then. She has been busy with some motivational speaking and doing some MC work as well.

She is a fitness guru, she has her sportswear attire called Foji sportsware.





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