What Happened To Chomee

Hello and welcome to RedLive. Today’s video is about what happened to Chomee.

Wait Chomee is a stage name right. Those that know her real name do comment down below.

I will give you her real name at the end of the video once I have consulted Google.

Chomee is a dancer, choreographer, television presenter and musician from Meadowlands in Soweto.

Some Background

The year is 1996 when Chomee was signed by 999 Music as dancer at the tender age of 10 years by Arthur Mafokate.

She would later record her own albums under 999 Music such as First Time, Twice as Nice, Fantasy, Queen of Dance and Songstress.

She is known as the “Queen of dance” due to her energetic dance performances and choreographed videos.

To this day many still believe that she is the best dancing performer and I am among those that believe so.


Due to her spectacular dance moves it is no surprise that in 2011 she joined SABC2 dance reality competition Turn it Out as a judge. She was a judge for the two seasons the show aired.

In 2013 she was a host in the dance reality competition Turn Up and Dance. The show only lasted the one season.

Later on in 2013 she got a role on SABC2 Soapie Muvhango as Ms Chichi.

In 2015 she was one of the three celebrities on the ETV reality series Reality Check. She has also appeared as herself on Rolling With season 2 (Kelly Khumalo) and season 4 (the Celeb Edition). As well as Zaziwa season 2.

Arthur Relationship Rumours

chomee and arthur

According to an August 2014 article in Drum Arthur apparently let their relationship out the bag by saying “I still love her. I still have feelings for her. Such feelings can’t end in a few weeks. We were friends and developed from there. I didn’t think we would become partners.”

All Chomee said was “Arthur is my boss.”

So the rumoured relationship had a rumoured breakup.

Course Of Rumoured Breakup

Euphonik. Now the rumour goes Chomee showed up at Euphonik’s 30th birthday party uninvited and performed on stage. Euphonik sent Chomee a message saying “Thanks very much for last night, you really rocked.”

Chomee responded by saying “Yes it was amazing.” Then apparently Arthur the rumoured boyfriend saw the rumoured messages and concluded that they were rocking something else.

This is why it is a bad idea going through your partners phone.

Rumour is that Arthur then ended the rumoured relationship with Chomee to start a new rumoured relationship with Cici.

Rumour is that this is all a simple misunderstanding and it is all very simple to understand.


Rumours aside Chomee’s gigs started to dry up. She was also hospitalised for depression. She took to social media with posts like “I mean, performing is my passion, and all. But how could something you love so much bring about so much sadness?”

What Happened To Mercy Pakela

Not Done Yet

She is still at 999 Music and she is working on new music too. There is already a collaboration song she has done with Professor. Let’s hope she can defend her thrown as “Queen of dance.” With the likes of Babes Wodumo tearing up the dance floor.

As promised Chomee’s real name is Thulisile Madihlaba.

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