What Happened to Twasa

What Happened to Twasa. Seipati Monono Seoke is from the Eastern Cape. She is a television personality, radio personality, MC, author and musician. She is famously known as Twasa.


Some Background

Twasa lost her mom at a youth age and grew up with her dad. She says “thus, I wound up talking and strolling like him.” Hence her style.

You can’t talk Twasa without specifying the music demonstrate Jam Alley. Twasa and Jam Alley are this way. After V Mash left Jam Alley, Twasa conveyed vitality to the show. She made Jam Alley super quirking and engaging amid her opportunity. She was a present on Jam Alley for around 9 years and her last show was in 2011.

As indicated by SABC 1 Twasa leaving the show was in light of watchers needing change and the SABC was basically tuning in to the watchers.

She has likewise been a DJ Lesedi FM for more than 14 years. Or is it a radio personality rather than DJ? Since when you think DJ you envision somebody blending on vinyl or fruity circles to stay aware of the circumstances I presume.

Twasa has additionally been on television shows, for example, Motswako and Zaziwa.

So What Happened to Twasa

After she cleared out Jam Alley in 2011 she hasn’t handled another significant television presenting part. So she set aside the opportunity to further her studies.

She dove further into her born again Christianity. Indeed you may have speculated at this point she released a gospel album. It’s titled It Was Written.

Hold up a moment. This isn’t gospel. She is rapping. What kind is this? Rapel. I will copyright that name.

She composed a book titled Let Us Pray. The book is an accumulation of prayers that Twasa has assembled to enable you to overcome troublesome circumstances. Fundamentally it is a praying guideline manual. In the event that you hoping to get your prayer game on, get the book. It’s called Let Us Pray.

I discovered this news24 Article that revealed Twasa was searching for Mr right. In the event that you have the correct capability of being God fearing and need no less than two children. Email CV. Mara this was in 2003 so I figure present your CV on PO Box.

She began the Twasa Foundation. Her establishment is displaying a Worship session this June. She will perform there.

Twasa is unquestionably still around and looking delightful. She is right around 40. She keeps up her childhood by practice and solid eating routine I assume.

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