“My kids are traumatized but I thank God everyday we’re alive” – Tumi Morake after car accident

In the wake of being involved in a head on collision over the bubbly festive season with her whole family, Tumi Morake has a recharged gratefulness for life.

The humorist, alongside her significant other and three kids, were going towards Sun City on the R556 when the car incident occurred.

Speaking out for the first time after the incident, Tumi said things went horribly within a matter of seconds.

“This was scary for me. We were on the way to Sun City. We were roadtripping with my hubby and the kids and my hubby was driving. To realise how quickly everything can change, in a split second. It changes everything. Like right now, you don’t know how much I love life, I’m so happy to be alive,” she said on Jacaranda FM.

She said she was shaken in light of the fact that it was the main huge mishap she was associated with.

“The fact that that no one was badly injured, considering how that car looks like… and I mean that’s a strong car. None of us were seriously injured, literally the inside of that car became a giant marshmallow. There were airbags all over the place and my kids are traumatised but I thank God everyday that no one was seriously hurt.”

Tumi expressed gratitude toward the staff at the healing center her family was taken to, stating she went into “fight mode”.

“I was that person as soon as everything happened, I made sure everyone was okay because my son was panicking and he was having an Asthma attack. I found the emergency pump and gave it to him and also gave it to my husband, who was also in shock, because he’s also asmatic.”

Tumi said she had no clue how harmed she was at that time yet when she was inevitably put on the healing facility bed, she knew her better half and kids was okay.

The comedian said the accident has helped her reset her needs and that she was enjoyably shocked by the staggering affection she got.

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