Celeste Ntuli drags Zodwa for not wearing panties

Entertainer Celeste Ntuli has propelled a scorching assault on Zodwa Wabantu, naming her activities disturbing and corrupting to black ladies.

Zodwa’s trademark habit for not wearing undies has part numerous and keeping in mind that addressing Bob Mabena on Power FM this week, Celeste did not keep down in her feedback of the artist.

“Normal girls are not celebrated mostly – those who work hard and are putting in the work. And we have some girls who are just taking off their underwear. I hate that! I don’t understand why everyone is tiptoeing around it. It is disgusting! It makes us black women look like the things we are fighting. Everyone else has been calling us the p-word, the h-word, every other word out there. I am very disappointed. Why are they called private parts? They must remain private.”

Celeste said that she didn’t have anything to state to Zodwa and declined to take pictures with her.

“I don’t have to say anything to her. I don’t even want to take a picture with her. That is how much it infuriates me.”

She said black ladies had fought hard to break generalizations about them and it was enraging to see ladies who were conveying everything that needs to be conveyed by backpedaling to similar generalizations.

Zodwa started trending as of late when a video of her removing her undies was shared on the social media. She also sparked debate when she recommend that ladies should utilize female influence and temptation to get their way.

She was later pulled over the coals by her manager DJ Tira for her activities and language.

“In 2018, Zodwa Wabantu will change her language but I won’t change. You’ll still get the same Zodwa, she ain’t going nowhere. You are going to see her on your small screens, thank you so much for the love and support. I know I express myself differently but thank you so much,” Zodwa said after the meeting.

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