SHE simply needed to cheer up her friends and influence them to disregard the money related pressure that accompanies the long stretch of January.

At last she cheered up the whole nation.

Senzi Mathaba (24) from Empangeni, northern KZN, took to social media and later overwhelmed internet when her video, which is 13 seconds in length, became famous online.

In the video Senzi, wearing a white skirt, takkies and pink top, is seen hiding her face from a person who is shooting a video of her as she walks.

To the surprise of others, Senzi turns around in farm girl style and says: “He he! Ungidividiyelani manje?”

It appears she doesn’t know the distinction between a video and a DVD. In any case, this is a long way from reality.

Senzi is an upbeat and candid medical caretaker who works and lives in the Durban CBD.

She disclosed to Daily Sun she needed to make her friends laugh.

“I made the video last week when I was at home in Empangeni,” said Senzi.

“I’m not embarrassed despite people assuming that I’m dumb.

“As long as people are laughing I’m happy.

“I never thought the video would make me so famous.

“I now see even actors imitating me as they go on a DVD challenge.

“I asked a friend to take the video and the words just came out.

“I sent it to my friends on a WhatsApp group and from there it went viral.

“Many people who saw the video said it took their January blues away.”

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