Selae celebrated her 30th birthday

You know you’re growing old when your most loved youth stars are starting to enter their 30s.

Be that as it may, as the well-known axiom goes, with age comes knowledge and that is precisely the way Selae is taking as she goes into her 30s.

By profession, Selae is currently a Strategic Director and Consultant. She returned into the spotlight (inadvertently) when she was spotted going to Minnie Dlamini’s wedding a year ago with her date. Furthermore, from that point forward, the general population has picked up a touch of an enthusiasm for recognizing what Selae’s been up to since her primes on YoTV.

Selae and bae

It might appear like Selae has totally shied far from the spotlight however despite everything she goes to maybe a couple red carpet events with her previous childhood star companions.


It’s amazing how she still looks 22-years old at 30.

Selae bikini

Happy Birthday Selae, we hope you see more birthdays to come.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Selae_T

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