Dj Bongz and his Gorgeous wife

Dj Bongz and his wife Sphelele  Nene are marriage goals this once. The couple have been spotted together several times wearing matching outfits (bae goals). They are one of our favourite industry couples. DJ Bongz mentioned on Afternoon Expresso that he had a private  traditional wedding because he didn’t want certain people to be there , only family and close friends.


They are a match made in heaven. They are the most appealing couple of the year. He said “I believe that it was time. It was not something I thought of overnight but I knew she was the person I was going to marry one day. “We had being seeing each other for about two years when I made the decision to marry her. She brought life in me, and I’m thankful for her support,”


Sphelele wearing a ravishing ring. Bongz says marriage is something that comes through God. He adds that it is not something that a person can just wake up and do; it’s just a matter of time and willingness.


 We wish them all the best of  luck, love, harmony and happiness.
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