Female Celebs who Drive Range Rovers

zahara zah

There’s nothing as energizing as getting yourself a brand new whip. Particularly when you’ve been a public transport user for quite a long time.

Its even a better thing when the whip you’ve purchased is one of the sexiest monster on four wheels you’ve ever looked at.

Here are a couple of women in the entertainment industry who have gotten themselves Range Rovers as of late and throughout the years.



Zahara as of late bought herself this red Range Rover Evoque and to say it suits her is an understatement.

Thembi Seete

thembi Seete

Thembi Seete trended last week when she posted this beast on here instagram,  she also bought a Range Rover Evoque recently,  it looks like matching with your Range is the in thing for them ladies and we are for it.

thando thabethe

Nhlanhla Nciza


Nhlanhla is also an owner of a own Range Rover

Did you buy a new car last year or just recently?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZaharaSA

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