Hulisani Ravele: 2017 was a year of loss for me

Radio personality and previous YoTV presenter Hulisani Ravele has revealed that challenges she faced in the course of the most recent couple of months, saying that 2017 was a year of misfortune, which she wished will transform into development.

Hulisani broke up with her long-time lover, music producer Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya. Although neither of them confirmed the split, Psyfo has for a while been posting pictures of himself with his new sweetheart on social media. Psyfo and Hulisani dated for more than 10 years and were frequently rumoured to be near getting married.

Thinking about the occasions of the most recent couple of months, Hulisani said that she was prepared for another begin following a troublesome year.

“If you look at everything that has happened to me in 2017, and other things you may not know about, 2017 was really a year of loss for me. I lost many things but I think it was in preparation for what 2018 is going to bring,” she said.

The star would have liked to push ahead in 2017 with her intends to have her own television show, however after not being able to secure such a deal, chose to launch her own talk show series on social media

“One of the things I have launched, that I put off for such a long time, is The Minute With Hulisani Ravele. It is a minute sharing where I am in my mind. Because nobody wants to give me a talk show, I am just going to create my own platform and I’m going to start talking. And by the time you catch up, I’m not sure yáll be able to afford me.”

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