Man Crush of the week goes to Lehasa Moloi

This weeks Man Crush Monday goes to Lehasa Moloi.
What better approach to begin the week off than to crush on our very own sexiest Lehasa. He is South Africa’s most youthful and most great looking on-screen character who has overwhelmed the local entertainment scene with his great looks and enchant as well as with his particular acting aptitudes. You’ll have seen him acting on few local drama shows like SABC 1’s Intersexions, SABC 3’s Isidingo, the block buster Spud and most recently, the youthful,ambitious ‘Oupa Mabaso’ on Rockville. We applaud our very own husky Lehasa as he is our man crush of the week.26070546_571068383231012_48913316654874624_n.jpg

Many have been inspired with Lehasa’s mature aura however what many individuals don’t think about this 26 year old on-screen character is that he is a remarkable lively person.

He said “Well think of it like this, if you’re not nervous about it then you don’t experience the butterflies in your stomach clearly indicating that you’re not in the right job, so for me I get nervous about every character I play. Funny enough I’ve grown particularly nervous about my character “Oupa” because he’s totally different from other characters I’ve become accustomed to, especially because he has a Kasi (township) background which is an environment I haven’t been a part of since primary school. I’m accustomed to the age thing in characters my only weariness becomes the background of the character.”

Including onto his character go we got some information about his most brave and stunning part as “Thulani” on Intersexions where impregnated his sister in law who had issues baring a child with her husband other Lehasa’s on-screen sibling.According to Zalebs he was questioned if he would do such in real life.

He said“Definitely not, especially if the request was from my sister in law, I’d just turn down the request immediately and approach my brother asking if he is aware of what has been requested from me. It’s a tough situation to be in but I believe there’s other means of having a child, adoption is one of them so I don’t think I’d go to such drastic measures to ensure that our family name is sustained.”

There’s most likely that Moloi is a hit with the women hence him being our crush of the week, we additionally thought about whether Lehasa has ever experienced awkward signals from women particularly considering that he is inaccessible.

Presently, this was a significant co-frequency in light of the fact that the that Lehasa has been spotted with Cleo Rinkwest. They’ve been spotted together at numerous occasions resembling a match made in paradise.




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