Women complain about Skeem Saams Lehasa’s manhood

Cedric Fourie is a 27 years old actor who was born and bred in Soweto, he  play manipulative business man Lehasa on the soapie Skeem Saam. The actor has spoke about being denied some roles because he is not “black enough” to play certain roles, a move he says only motivated him more.

Fourie Seems to like showing off his body and his manhood, usually women are sold out over his muscular body however this time around the comments did not look so good.

It started off when  one lady posted “Dickson?Doh”, which implies that the manhood is small.


Full pic


Then the comments came


You must be careful before you post this days as facebook and twitter have no mercy on anyone.

A different picture might give a different point of view though..


When Fourie previously posted the picture above which clearly draws and shows the size of his thing the women went mad with positive comments.

The pictures above confuse us as well to either say he is or he is not Black enough,lol. We guess its about the pic and the thing things mood at the time :-).

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