Doctor Malinga might change Skolopad’s life

After months of searching for the right direction to promote more than her scandalous semi-nudes and refocus on her music, it seems her meeting with Dr Malinga may have been a right direction.

Since blasting into the industry in a revealing yellow dress, Skolopad has struggled to get Mzansi to concentrate on the music she insisted was the purpose for her disputable stunts.

She told TshisaLIVE that meeting Dr Malinga was a “heavenly coincidence” and an answer to her prayers.

“Meeting Dr Malinga is such a blessing to me…like a new start for Skolopad. I am over the moon because at last God heard my cry. I love his music, his energy and I know if all goes well, we will make great team . So we are going to try this thing.”

The entertainer clarified that while nothing is concrete yet, she was certain she had a future in the music industry with the assistance of Dr Malinga.

She included that she believes the meeting will birth a new era for her.

“He said he will help me because he’s seen the effort I have been putting into making a music career. He saw my potential. So even though we haven’t signed anything, he’s already helping me and I am ready to work, so I impress him enough to have him sign me.”
Dr Malinga also sparked excitement from fans when he posted that he’d met Skolopad and thought she had an incredible voice.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE he cleared the assumptions that he had officially signed Skolopad to his record label, saying their discussions were not “that far yet”.

“No, I haven’t signed her and I can’t confirm anything right now. We met and she said she needed help with her music because she can sing. So I said I would help her with her production on a song of hers.”

Malinga clarified that after working on Skolopad’s song, its prosperity would decide the next move.

He said if the song was a hit, he would consider signing her and depending on her hard work, he could consider signing her as an MC or entertainer.

“It depends on the song and how powerful it is. I can’t sign a person just because they trend or because of wors. Lingas is a serious business. However, I heard her sing and I see her potential. So, in the meanwhile we will help her with the production for her song and we will see where that takes us.”



We wish her all the best!!

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