Nico Matlala wanted for dodgy R1Million car deal

Gauteng casanova and asserted scalawag Nico Matlala has been blamed for crooking more individuals by supposedly cheating a Joburg businessperson out of an extravagance car and after that selling it to two individuals.

Sandton night club proprietor Abdul Olatunji opened an case against Matlala at the Douglasdale police station after Nico allegedly professedly sold him a swanky Mercedes-Benz V-Class worth more than R1-million. It vanished the next morning.

It is claimed that after the car was peculiarly stolen from Olatunji, it found its way to another “owner” in the Vaal before police recovered it and took it to their stolen vehicles compound in Lenasia, south of Joburg.

Douglasdale police representative Mpho Kgasoane affirmed that a case of theft has been opened.

“The car has been recovered and it is now with the car theft unit. The investigation is ongoing,” said Kgasoane.

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Police sources additionally revealed to Sunday World that Matlala had vanished from his home as they couldn’t find him on a few attempts when they went to capture him.

“We have informed more detectives to look for him. There is a warrant for his arrest. He is playing hide-and-seek but we will find him,” said one officer.

Matlala said: “I can assure you that the details are fabricated. A team of my lawyers will contact you today. I want to put an end to these stories.”

The scandalous self-declared tycoon is said to have attracted businessperson Modikwa Nkosi into trusting he had a lucrative transport administrations contract with the Nigerian government office in Pretoria.

“I met him in Sandton at the end of November last year. We exchanged numbers and we started talking and he wanted a relationship.

“Well, I was giving it a chance but some of his behaviour put me off and I told him ‘can we only engage on business?’,” said Nkosi.

Nkosi said finishing the excursion enraged Matlala as he “insulted me, telling me that I liked controlling men but I would never control a man like him. I ignored him.”

She said they proceeded with the business deal Matlala saying the bus contract was worth R200 000 a month.

Nkosi said she went to the bank to buy the vehicle and she got approved for an installment of R20 000 a month.

“I took the car and gave it to Nico and he gave me a R70 000 deposit and told me I will get a contract soon. I called him the following week asking for the contract from the embassy but he kept telling me that his guys would send it through. I was naive; I waited,” she said.

While as yet waiting for the contract from the embassy, Nkosi said she got the shock of her life when out of the blue, in December, Matlala was requesting the settlement letter of the car from the bank.

“He wanted to settle the car, my car, and that came as a shock as I was supposed to make a living out of the shuttle services he promised,” said Nkosi.

She said that in one call, Matlala blamed her for opening an case of car theft.

“I went to the police station and they told me that the car I gave to Matlala was sold to someone else and it was immediately stolen from that person.

“So Matlala took R140 000 as a deposit from Abdul for my car. When Abdul took the car to his house, the next day he could not find the car from his parking. It was stolen.”

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Olatunji said he was baited into trusting that Matlala had purchased the Mercedes yet never again had use for the car.

“He told me he’d just bought a BMW X5 so he wanted to get rid of the Viano,” he said.

The intriguing club owner said he knew from the time the car vanished that Matlala had an inseparable tie to it so he opened a case.

“I worked with the real owner of the car and found that the car was taken to the Vaal. Nico had taken R100 000 as a deposit from two Zambian guys and gave them the car.

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