Tol Ass Mo and his family caught in Mauritius cyclone

The last thing comedian Tol Ass Mo and his family expected was to be caught in a cyclone while on vacation in Mauritius, however fortunately they survived the difficulty.

The Mauritian weather service issued a notice to residents this week after it turned out to be evident that a cyclone was about to hit the island.

Cyclone Berguitta brushed the island on Wednesday, causing flooding and destructive gail force winds in the area. The effect of the cyclone was described by UK Express as “devastating”.

Tol Ass Mo and his family were among those on the island at the time of the cyclone and his wife took to social media on Thursday to report that everybody was safe.

Posting a photo of Tol Ass Mo strolling on a street after the cyclone, she thanked God for being with them.

“Mr Mahlangu in his Ethiopian kimono, taking a walk to dinner after a class 3 cyclone. But all is well because our God is an awesome God. He will never leave us nor forsake, she wrote.

Flights were expected to continue soon after scores of tourists were believed to be stranded at the airport following the storm.


We thank God they are safe!!!

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