Hulisani Ravele celebrates her 30th birthday

With a stand-out task titled 30 Portraits and Poetry, Ravele will release a progression of 30 pictures reflecting feelings of what 30 years of life encounter has carried with it and implicit her.

Hulisani’s team revealed that every representation will be described with a sonnet composed Sizakele Phohleli. The gathering of pictures will be authored ‘Blues for Hulisani’

Talking about the motivation on the project, Hulisani said: “30 is a major breakthrough and I needed to commend it extraordinarily. I thought of the idea 30 Portraits and Poems as an approach to pay praise to my very own excursion. Choosing to impart it to the world was a critical choice since it opens me up to a considerable measure of judgment and examination, at the same time, as a person who is determined to living her motivation and utilizing its energy to decidedly affect the lives of others, I had a feeling that it was an undertaking I needed to share.



The media personality went on to share that 2018 is a big year for her not only is she turning 30 but because this year also marks 21 years of her being in the media industry.



Hulisani has decided to release the images unedited as well.

“I think it’s a powerful statement to say that being famous does not mean that I am perfect nor do I have to be. I accept & love my freckles, flaws, scars, stretch marks, and all; and I hope that those seeing the images are inspired to feel the same about themselves too. I had a terrible break-out on my face leading to and on the day of the shoot, and that’s exactly and that’s exactly how we’re going to release the images, as they are.”


Hulisani will be releasing all 30 portraits on her Instagram account on the 24th of January.

Main Image Credit: Supplied by Kumkani Management

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