The Dube Brothers are looking forward to lauch their second album

The Dube Brothers are bringing something new into the music scene.

Siblings Mtho (29), Sihle (26) and Buhle Dube (20) are prepared to release their second album after the achievement of their debut Step Up, which was released four years back.

Buhle told SunBuzz said they were inspired by their dad, Benjamin Dube.

The Brothers thinks that if their father wasn’t into music they would have not chosen this path.

“Our father inspired us to spread the word of God through music.

“We chose gospel because it has a permanent impact on people.

“It is not like other genres.

“It enables you to receive Christ through music.”

They released their new single ‘Blessed’ two weeks back. The song is about becoming prosperous. They said that they were lucky and they experienced success.

Buhle said: “This song talks about being blessed by God.

“People are receiving it very well, especially the younger generation of believers.

“It brings colour to the industry because of its sound.

“Our sound is urban and still has a traditional Western touch.

“The single has a hip hop influence,” he said.

Buhle said when they make music, they come together and brainstorm their ideas.

“We are three different individuals and that is what makes our writing process so much fun.

“We come up with different ideas and merge them.

“We brainstorm the type of sounds we want and people then hear them on our album.

“We will be launching it at Soweto Theatre on 11 February.”

Buhle said their new album will show how they have grown as people and their deeper understanding of music and God.

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