UngDVDyelani viral girl is now available for ‘appearances’

Subsequent to turning into an overnight web sensation with her viral UngDVDyelani manje (why are you recording me) phrase, Senzi Mathaba has uncovered she’s prepared for fame and to make appearances.

The viral star, who was identified by Twitter CSI, is a 24-year-old nurse from KZN.

Senzi revealed to Mo Flava on The Drive With Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu that she was cheerful about turning into a familiar face since she “always” knew she would be famous one day.

“I am famous and now I am all over social media because of the video. It’s nice, it wasn’t something I made by mistake, I just didn’t think it would be so big. But I also told my friend, ‘you know what, I’m going to be famous one day. You’ll see.'”

In the viral video Senzi shouted out “Ungdvdyelani manje?” after she was caught off-guard and needed to know why she was being recorded.

The immediate interpretation of the word signifies, “why are you DVD’ing me?” and the expression exploded from that point.

The 24-year-old said she was prepared to be booked for events, where she would show up, just so individuals could become more acquainted with her and hear her say “Ungdvdyelani manje?” live.

Senzi said she doesn’t plan transforming this into a business however was encouraged to charge for appearances. She said that she was eager to arrange a charge and trusted that it would turn into a lucrative action.

“My colleagues know I am crazy, they know I am always making jokes. I didn’t know that video would go viral but now I met a person that showed me that it can be lucrative. However, there’s no set direction yet.”

She even has T-shirts for the movement now:

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