Five cool facts you didn’t know about ‘Ungdvdyelani’ star Senzi Mathaba

Senzi Mathaba had no twitter account before last week, and she didn’t know that the video clip she  created would go viral making her famous phrase ”Ungdvdyelani manje?” part of South Africa’s vocab.

Senzi became a viral star just after her video started trending on social media platform for days. In the video the young star who appears to have been caught off-guard, wanted to find out why she was being recorded and she said ”Ungdvdyelani manje?” (why are you filming me).

Speaking to Metro FM, Senzi said her life has changed drastically because more people now recognise her face. She explained that the next step was to make herself available for appearances at events.

“People give me so much attention. But the people I work with already knew that I am funny. When people book me, it will be to get the story behind who I am and for me to come say ‘undvdyelani manje?'”

Here are five cool facts about dvdying star:

1. She’s 24 years old

2. She’s a qualified nurse, who works in Durban

3. She only created a Twitter account after her video went viral

4. Senzi always ‘knew’ she was destined for fame and all it took was a 13 second video to cement her belief.

5. She’s originally from Empangeni

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