Emtee’s response to American accent claims

South Africa was shook on Tuesday morning after by the pitiful news of the death of the Bra Hugh Masekela, and like numerous rappers, trapper Emtee took to instagram sending his sympathies to the family, however instagram users could not help but hear more of an accent then the message being said.

Emtee took to Instagram sending his sympathies to the family and what was intended to be an ardent message to the Masekela family transformed into social media accusing him of an accent.

After receiving several comments on the video about him faking an American accent, Emtee fired back calling it a “hip hop” accent.

“I have something to say. F*ck everyone who says I am trying to be American, I have an American accent, whatever. B**ch you know my accent. And anyways, this accent is not American At least appreciate that it’s an accent from a Black American. Also. it’s not American this accent, it’s hip-hop. I just want you p**sy a*s N**gas, who think you smart and know everything, and who think you are stars of the show to know.”

Watch the video below:


Main image credit: instagram.com/@emteethehustla

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