Are Bonang Matheba and Anele Mdoda beefing?

It Seems like we are never going to hear the end of Bonang Matheba and Anele Mdoda’s beef.

A report published by Sunday Sun reports that both TV stars are still at each other’s throat even in the background where fans dont see. It is claimed that Anele (the host) declined to have an interview with Queen B* on her television show ‘Real Talk with Anele’.

Yet, Anele disagrees to the allegations, addressing the paper – she said it’s actually Bonang who failed to accept a number of invites to come on the show.

“I’d be stupid to refuse Bonang to come to the show. She’s a superstar and it’d be great to have her for ratings.”

“We have emails to prove that we wanted her twice and she couldn’t make it.”

Insiders told the paper that Anele is the one at fault. Their side of the story revealed that Anele has made it clear to the producers of the show that she is not going to do an interview with Bonang.

It appears this beef wouldn’t end whenever soon..but recall these two were close at some point back in the days.

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