The many times Faith Nketsi made the headlines

Instagram celeb Faith Nketsi has had her fair share of the spotlight and in light of the fact that she’s a standout amongst the most sought-after socialites in the industry, it’s not astounding that Faith made it to the highest point of the entertainment headlines in the past.

We take a look at the multiple occassions Faith Nketsi otherwis known as Queen Twerk has stood out as truly newsworthy all through the previous year.

In 2016 Faith Nketsi stood out as truly newsworthy after ‘accidently’ posting a video of herself and her boyfriend amid oral sex, despite the fact that she had been prominent before the sex tape -being known as Queen Twerk – this story turned into a declaration that there’s no such thing as bad reputation as it started her image we saw her flourishing as a model.

Faith "Queen Twerk" Nketsi

She continued to make headlines again in July 2017 when she was reportedly stabbed in the face with a champagne bottle after being involved in an altercation with an unknown individual during a night out in Jozi.

And on October 2017 Faith Nketsi topped the trending topics in South Africa for posting a ‘fan video’ of her and offset of Migos when they landed at the airport for the South African Migos tour.

The star broke the internet when she announced that she is a single woman.

Faith Nketsi

Main Image Credit: Instagram/Faith.Nketsi

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