Vatiswa opens up about sexual harassment at the SABC

Vatiswa plans on exposing the man that sexually pestered her amid her time at the SABC.

Following the report on Vatiswa being sexually pestered and opening about her suicide endeavor after the challenges she looked after her chance spent at the SABC, Vatiswa is yet to stand up about it and expose the man who sexually harassed her – whom she says is as yet working at the SABC – for the sake of the #MeToo movement.

In a ver recent interview on Metro FM Vatiswa – talking on her inappropriate behavior involvement with the SABC – Vatiswa shared that while she was encountering it, she had nobody to talk to as there were ladies who might blame her for making up stories.

“I had no one to turn to, because I thought the women in here [The SABC] at the time, the powerful women, would stand up for me, instead, one of them said ‘she’s just jealous of other people, she’s making up stories’…don’t take her seriously kind of thing…”

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that she has proceeded onward from the SABC, Vatiswa shared that she is still yet to get equity in the wake of unveiling who this man is, when gotten some information about who the culprit may be, Vatiswa just responded:

“…he’s still here. It is gonna come out because we’re at that stage now where we are saying they’ve named Harvey, why should other people be protected, these things need to stop…”

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