[WATCH] Tusko D call Cassper Nyovest a bully himself and a hypocrite

Vlogger Tusko D has been avoiding to talk about Cassper Nyovest on his youtube channel after the altercation at the SAHHA where Cassper Nyovest was ordering his people to break Rawbust Productions cameras and taking the memory card and formatting it, an action he took because of a question Tusko asked him about the streams vs records claim that he made. After Cassper’s recent tweet where he called Y FM bullies Tusko put out a video below.

Here is what Cassper Tweeted

“YFM doesn’t play my music because SABC 1 sponsored #FillUpFNBStadium and I tweeted about it and now they want me to apologise. They are a very strong platform that I used to love but they are bullies! We are going to stay shining though,”

Tusko D responded to Cassper Nyovest’s tweet saying this is hypocritical because Cassper Nyovest is an industry bully himself. Watch

Main video credit: Youtube/@Tusko_D TV

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