Date My Family Zambia exposed for using fake contestants

M-Net’s spin-off version of Date My Family Zambia, trailing the enormously successful South African version on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161), has been hit by scandal following disclosures over fake members utilized as a part of the show.

MultiChoice Africa and M-Net broadcast the show on M-Net’s Zambezi Magic (DStv 160) channel in Southern Africa, excluding South Africa.

Hoping to capitalize on the monstrous fame of the show’s format in South Africa, M-Net greenlit a spin-off version for Zambezi Magic, however the fake turn off version by one means or another neglected to hold fast to the strict production values and rules took after by the South African version.

The producers of Date My Family Zambia failed to legitimately vet the members in advance, bringing about a faked show, as viewers found. The show is produced by Media365.

The scandal has bargained the integrity of the show after disclosures that few couples who have showed up on the show have deceived by having known each other already, and that in a few cases they had just been in set up romantic connections before they “met” in scenes.

M-Net and Date My Family Zambia moved their weight to pre-check candidates, to viewers, who immediately began to call attention to, utilizing basically social media that can be effectively come to and utilized by anybody, that members have known each other before and have already been in romantic relationships.

MultiChoice Zambia and M-Net are presently separating themselves from the oversights, saying the producers on Date My Family Zambia relies on the participants and the information they give to the show.

Banks, hospitals, courts, schools and other institutions don’t simply depend on the data gave by individuals and do checks to confirm the precision and legitimacy.

“For this purpose, our show producers rely heavily on the honesty of the applicants and full disclosure thereof,” says MultiChoice Zambia in a statement.

“However, due to misrepresentation by several participants of recent episodes, we have endeavoured to ensure a stricter vetting process so that our valued DStv customers can continue to enjoy an authentic entertainment experience with real honest conversations,” says MultiChoice Zambia.

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