Slay queens banned from posting ‘raunchy’ pictures

Different Tanzanian publicationns such as Pulse have revealed that President John Magufuli is getting serious about female performers, video models and socialites who post suggestive pictures on social media.

Eve Woman detailed that the state aggregated a rundown of all the video ladies and celebrities who much of the time post semi-naked photos of themselves on their social media platforms.

The government at that point put their respective social media accounts on to a checklist awaiting review to determine if they will be found at fault.

Ms Juliana Shonza, who is the Assistant Minister of Information, Culture and Arts, is reported to have said the government is taking these actions to “protect their morals and values as a society.”

In 2017 the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) proposed the Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations, 2017, draft.

This meant that users would be held liable for posting content deemed “indecent, obscene, hate speech, extreme violence or material that will offend or incite others, cause annoyance, threaten, or encourage or incite crime, or lead to public disorder, per the law.”

The boycott has been passed through to the Music Regulatory Board, which also denies artists from posting provocative pictures in their profession.

Image of Tanzanian artist Amaber Lulu, who has been put on the Tanzanian government’s checklist for posting suggestive images on her social media accounts. Photo: Instagram snapshot

Some of the affected parties, thus far, include Amber Lulu, Pretty Kind, Gigy Money and Sanchoka amoungst others.

under the laws of ban, the culprits will be forbidden to participate in any music production for six months.

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