HHP’s attempt to help artists backfires: They stole my hard drive

In his journey to get himself again HHP chose to open his studio to youth to allow them to shine, just for his hard drive to be stolen in the process.

The Music N Lights hitmaker is on the very edge of a music rebound and disclosed to TshisaLIVE he put over the most recent couple of years dealing with music with up and coming makers.

“I’ve been making music underground, trying to find myself. It wasn’t based on deadlines or what was playing on radio. I tried to put aside all the pressure. I had to understand why I was doing what I was doing. A lot of people ask me about Cassper (Nyovest) and if there is another big artist coming through so I decided to record a project with young producers to showcase their talent.”

For a considerable length of time HHP had young musicians and producers getting through his door, until the point that he saw his hard drive had been stolen.

“I was in this whole process and everything was going well until the bastards stole my f*cking hard drive. Nobody has come forward and owned up to it or tell me who it was, but we had a bunch of young producers in and out. I lost all my material on that hard drive.”

HHP is angry however is resolved to carry one attempting.

“It didn’t work out like I planned but everything happens for a reason. I’m still invested in the idea and want to give it another shot soon. Being a mentor is something that comes naturally to me and I feel like you can never be a great artist if you are not putting other people on.”

The artist, who revealed his fight with sadness and suicidal thoughts in an interview two years back, dropped his first single since 2016 this week, entitled Kea Jelwa. He revealed to TshisaLIVE that he held up to release new music until the point that he felt comfortabl once more.

“I actually wanted to release another track but, after I played a snippet of Kea Jelwa on a video on my Instagram page, fans were begging me to release the song. They really like it but I promise you my next single is going to be even better! It is going to be pure gold and will be played across the country. I can feel it’s going to be massive.”

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