[Pics] Emtee welcomes his second baby

Rapper Emtee and his girlfriend‚ Nicole Chinsamy have welcomed their second kid named Logan.

Emtee‚ who as of now has a two-year-old child named Avery with Nicole‚ took to Instagram to share his excitement and the first photos of his little man.

Addressing TshisaLIVE two or three weeks ago about his childs arrival‚ the rapper said he felt prepared this time around.

“There’s not much that is going to be different‚ I guess‚ except now I have a lot more knowledge of what it kind of takes to raise a child. I’m definitely sure it will be a breeze‚ you know with lessons learnt and all from raising Avery.”

Meet the new addition to Emtee’s brood:

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