Heavy K bought his father a house and a car

Are nominations for son of the year 2018 open? Since we might want to nominate Heavy K, after the hitmaker suprised his father with a new house and car.

Heavy K had fans glowing with satisfaction on Thursday when he took to social media posting a photo of his father outside his new house.

The iNDE hitmaker said he was proud of himself for blessing his father and revealed how his father was brought to tears when he found it was his.

“Seeing my father’s teary eyes posing next to his new crib and car! It just reminded me why am I am doing this and why I could never stop! I’m grateful! Thank you God, Thank you to my fans for your continued support! Dreams do come through, never stop dreaming,” he wrote.

Heavy k’s friends and fans congratulated the star and his father, including Oskido who said Heavy K’s mom, who died more than two years ago, would have been very proud of him.

“Blessings of the way. I’m proud of you Heavy K. I wish mama was alive to witness this moment. Well done.”

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