‘I need to date someone who works at a bank’ 12 quotes from AKA

AKA just gave us a lot to take in all at once.  He recently appeared on Real Talk with Anele Mdoda and was filled with so many gems, fans battled to keep up with it all. Here are 10 quotes from the Supa Mega that we just can’t get enough of.


“All my close friends are there to enrich me and to make me better.”

“What’s the use of having friends you go to the movies with?”


“I look at Kwesta for instance. I love him. As a person. As a role model for young people. He’s a family man. I think he makes great music. Do I think I’m better than him? Yes.


“She just wants to be picked up, taken to school and fed. She just wants her daddy to pick her up and turn her into a helicopter.”

“That level of simplicity and love is the most innocent thing in my life.”


“I’m not going to say that I’m not going to move on and just go out there in the world and find someone. But I’m also not saying my life is going to stand still.”

“My life has got to keep on moving on. Yes, it hurts. Yes, I still love her.”

“I’m taking it one day at a time. I got my daughter. I got my music. I got my friends. I got my health. I got my family. I got my money.”


“Maybe I need to date someone who works at a bank.”


“At the start it was great (with Bonang) but it was also very painful because I was in a relationship with my baby mamma.”

“What we put her (Zinhle) was wrong.”

“Zinhle is…. was a great woman. A strong woman. I was too stupid and too young recognise that.”

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