Trompies will continue to perform without Mahoota

Trompies’ Spikiri said the veteran music group were a little frustrated when member DJ Mahoota chose to never perform live with them, however said they had accepted the star’s choice.

Trompies have been touring and performing together for a while as they are working on another new album and have promised fans “the best performance ever” as they will be rocking the Red Bull Music Festival stage in April.

But one member of the group of five who will not be going along with them is Mahoota, after the star told the rest of the group he would just be with the group in studio to record new tracks.

“Mahoota has a DJ career. He comes when we are working in studio or shooting pictures. He said he doesn’t think he is going to perform with us again. We have come to accept it and now we even forgot that he’s not performing with us.”

Regardless of his absence, Spikiri says Mahoota is still part of Trompies.

“He is still a part of the group. He just doesn’t perform with us. The good thing is that there are so many of us, so if he is not there we can still perform. We still see him as part of the group. We won’t split. Trompies is our empire. You may have Fanta and Creme Soda but Coke is still the boss. Trompies is like the Coke. Everything goes under Coke.”

Mahoota revealed to TshisaLIVE toward the end of last year that he was still committed to Trompies

“I am still a member (of the group) and committed to Trompies. I am nothing without Trompies but you must understand that we are also solo artists and sometimes I am booked for other shows prior to my performances with Trompies, which I need to honour. If I am not available, the group goes on without me. That does not mean that I am not interested in the group or they are tired of me,” he said.

The groupg will release their first album in five years later this year, after pressure from fans.

“We always make sure that we do not take the music for granted and make an album better than the last one. We want to beat the success of our last album. We have been focusing on our solo albums but a comeback was long overdue and we felt it was the right time to come back together again.”


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The Red Bull Music Festival will be held in Johannesburg from April 3 to April 8.

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