Zodwa Wabantu has no plans to go back to school

Zodwa Wabantu is too busy counting her moola, making it impossible to stress over pursuing degrees and exams stress.

Zodwa has been working hard to make enough money to retire next year yet she was criticised recently by a fan for not concentrating enough on getting education.

Remarking on Zodwa’s Instagram page, the fan asked when she would go back to school and said there was still “hope” for her.

“When are you going back to school Zodwa? Even Julius Malema went back to school, he’s a graduate and he registered to do his Masters at Wits. There is hope for everyone if you believe in yourself.”

Zodwa wasn’t about that life and immediately clapped back, telling the fan she is never going back to school.

She included that she was more than happy getting her cash and was just R200,000 away from making her first million.

“I’m so sorry, I will never go back to school. I’m okay counting my R800,000 wishing to reach a million soon.”

Addressing TshisaLIVE, Zodwa revealed that she failed matric and moved from job to job to try to make ends meet before getting her huge break by dancing in clubs around Durban.

“I left home when I was 16 and until today, no matter how hard life was out there, I never packed up and went back home. When you are young, you are less fearful of life because you are optimistic compared to when you are older. Back then I just hustled.”


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