ICYMI:Denise Zimba opens up about TV show regrets

Despite the fact that Denise Zimba may have had a productive 2017‚however it also showed her invaluable lessons about standing up for herself to avoid having regrets.

Denise told TshisaLIVE that she decided to speak about her second thoughts since she wanted to stand by her truth.

She took to Twitter few weeks back that being a part of TV reality music competition Vodacom NXT LVL and Barleader TV’s Top 5 Drive were her biggest regrets of 2017.

However, some fans tried to quiz her about the reasons the shows made it onto her regrets list‚ others speculated that she may have conflicted with producers over pay.


Denise told TshisaLIVE she had terrible experiences on the shows and chose to speak out to warn others.

“I can only be honest to myself and stand by my truth. I took it as a lesson‚ so that people understand that they should not be ill-treated. When people neglect other people’s feelings in a work environment‚ I can’t sit silently. I may have had a privileged upbringing but I am standing up for myself and for others who can’t speak. I’m standing by my truth.”

She said that the experiences taught her a hard lesson and left her determined to not repeat the same mistakes.

“I have learnt so much from these experiences and I will change my approach this year. I am no longer going to hide who I really am. The hardest paths to walk are the ones that pay off in the end and I am going to put in the work to make sure I am valued properly.”

“In your career you have to constantly grow. You have to allow yourself to be better and more than you were before. It is important for people to see a different side of you. I am a woman and I am getting older. There are a number of things that I want to branch out into‚ to reach the next goal‚” Denise said.



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