Mzansi men getting hot for the modern sex doll

Sex dolls have been around for a long time, and with technology improving rapidly, so are the sex toys.

The plastic blow-up, horrific- looking dolls are so yesterday. Thanks to Luvland, the new life-size Sexbot, JY Dolls, are now available locally.

Unfortunately, right now only the female version is available. “The demand on female dolls is very high.

“I will see if female clients come forward then I can consider getting robots,” says Luvland operations manager Patrick Meyer.

The dolls are sold exclusively at his adult outlets.

Meyer says the dolls cost between R16000 and R25000.

He initially brought in only six dolls into the country, but says the demand has since sky- rocketed.

“I’m getting calls about orders left, right, centre. Look, I won’t lie because the dolls are quite expensive but my clients don’t care about the prices, they care more about how they are able to pick.

“They are able to order a body and features of their choice,” says Meyer.

Maureen Kelly dresses a male silicone RealDoll sex doll. / David McNew /Getty Images
Maureen Kelly dresses a male silicone RealDoll sex doll. / David McNew /Getty Images

The demand is so high that Meyer says while waiting for his order of 20 dolls from the United Kingdom, he has received pre-orders, more than what he had budgeted for.

“They are very expensive, so I have ordered cautiously.

“But I was taken aback by the number of calls I received to order.”

Meyer explains that they look like humans, “talk” like women and even “feel” like a real woman.

He says the advantage is that they never age.

“It works almost like the Siri app on iPhone. It can say stuff, but not have a full-on conversation.

“You can adjust the vaginal hole based on the size that you want. Some use strings, others have a button.

“It doesn’t orgasm.

“But as the man is about to orgasm the doll lets out an orgasmic scream.

“You can order it how you like – most come clean shaven. Clients specify the features they desire – from skinny to curvaceous.

“The curvaceous dolls are more pricey,” he says.

Nagging, annoying women be warned!

Nagging wives need to be wary as sex dolls may just replace you.

A Bedfordview businessman, *Pieter Steenkamp, forked out thousands of rands to buy a doll to satisfy himself sexually, peacefully.

Another man, Roothman, from Johannesburg, says the main reason he invested in the sex doll is because it does not annoy, like his wife. He has been married for 16 years and says the doll is there for him to have fun.

“You see in a marriage women are annoying; they whinge a lot.. Sometimes you want to have peaceful sex without thinking about too much things. For me, it is also about the perfection. She (doll) is just like I want her. Having sex with her fulfills my fantasy.”

Steenkamp has given his doll a name. “I call her Madre, she is perfect and I keep her in my office.”

He says she helps him relieve stress. “I grab my whisky and tell Madre about my bad days. She never says anything negative.”

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