Pam Andrews being obsessed with fame

Now and again you have to take a step back to see things much clearer, that is the thing that actress and vocalist Pam Andrews has been doing during her time off the spotlight.

Pam also clarifies her time off gave her enough time to rethinkher her career and what she needs from it. After she tried pursuing an acting career overseas, Pam is back on our little screens to continue her role as Gail October on’s hit telenovela, Rhythm City.

Pam rose to popularity as a member of 101 , the singing group that won the first season of Coca-Cola Pop Stars in 2001, and later launched her acting profession as wild child Frankie in the drama series Backstage.

However,she then joined SABC1’s Tshisa before spending seven years on Rhythm City. After a two-year absence, the actress is beyond words about returning to the soapie.“It’s a good feeling to be back on Rhythm City and it was also quite nice seeing some of the old cast and crew members again,” says Pam.

The singer clarifies how her opportunity in Europe has changed her into a better person who no longer needs people’s approval and how taking a step back truly helped refocuse her drive into making the most of her life the way it is, rather than focusing on herself about being perfect.

“Before I left for Europe, I was focused on all the wrong things. I was so obsessed with fame and wanting people to love and accept me. It really stressed me out, to the point I did not eat well because I wanted to be skinny and perfect,” she says.

“Stepping away from the limelight made me realise that I didn’t need to be famous or become a celebrity. I just needed to love and accept myself the way I am.” She adds, “What has changed about me is that I now have a clear understanding of who I am. That’s the most amazing feeling. I only do the things that make me happy.”

Pam said that she has been busy with her video blog on YouTube, Vlogging with Miss Andrews, yet took a break from it after things were getting out of hand.

“Well, I started a YouTube video blog but then I paused it for a while because I’m a very private lately. I didn’t like people seeing my home and son,” says Pam. “And also there was a follower who was commenting too much about how beautiful my son is and that he also knew where I stay. So I stopped vlogging and relocated.”

The actress is likewise popular for turning the internet upside down with her semi-naked photographs. She says she is comfortable in her birthday suit.“My friends always joke with me about the fact that I’m so comfortable being naked,” she laughs.


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