Zola 7 is giving away bursaries

He is more than an artist but a giver too. Keep in mind what number of people he helped when he still had his Zola 7 show?

All things considered,just because that show stopped airing a couple of years back it doesn’t mean the man has quit doing his charitable duties as our main super guluva.

It’s been recently announced that Zola in collaboration with Afribiz Academy will give away a couple of bursaries in three faculties.

zola 7

To enter Zola 7 and Afribiz Academy bursary programme, prospective students must do as follows:

  • Visit the Afribiz Academy website: www.afribizacademy.com
  • Download the student application form from the website and fill it in
  • Write a one-page motivation letter to Zola 7 on why you deserve the bursary
  • Submit your application form and motivational letter to the following email address: info@afribizacademy.com

The bursary will cover all tuition costs related to studying at Afribiz Academy. The academy offers various courses in three faculties Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Health and Safety. The courses range from short learning programmes to national certificates. Applications for the bursary close on 23rd February 2018 at 12:00 noon.

If you’re in need of a bursary you know what do do!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@realZola7

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