Flashback Friday- Nomuzi: Zodwa Wabantu is the new Skhanda Queen

Artist and TV personality Nomuzi Mabena has passed on the baton of Skhanda Queen to dancer Zodwa Wabantu, insisting the performer is currently the person who represents the people.

Nomuzi was given the title of Skhanda Queen by her previous boss K.O, who trusted the star would make a massive impact in the industry, because people could relate to her and would take her as their queen. She carried the title for quite a long while until her name became synonymous with the title.

In any case, speaking to Metro FM’s Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu late last year, Nomuzi said that she wanted to leave the title behind and felt that Zodwa was the real peoples’celeb.

“I think that Zodwa Wabantu is the new Skhanda Queen. Trust me, she is the real dust queen… She is hella poppin,” Nomuzi said.

She explainedd that the movement she once led was dead, yet felt like Zodwa was leading a new era that could be greater and better.

Zodwa’s star has been on the rise ever since she showed up at the Durban July last year in a revealing black dress and no underwear.

She told TshisaLIVE that despite the controversy the outfit caused, she was breaking stereotypes and turning into a good example to a lot of ladies who may have at first judged her.

“Now they look at me and think, ‘actually Zodwa may be right.’ Why should I compromise on living my best life because of a man? Why can’t I have a good time when I am working for my own money? Why must I stay in an abusive relationship, when I am enough? So I’m loved by women, most guys don’t like me because they say I’m making women more “aware” of their freedom,” she explained.

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